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Al Bacha Mosque

Despite a very turbulent history, Tétouan is a town where spirituality plays a dominant role. The town has twenty or so mosques, mainly located in the old town. Located right next to the Royal Palace, on Hassan II square, the al Bâcha mosque is one of the most beautiful.

Built in the seventeenth century by order of Ahmed Er-Rifi, governor of Tétouan and Tangiers, it is also one of the oldest. You can admire the precious wood carvings on its large doors.} else {

Hassan II Mosque

In the morning light of Casablanca, appearing like a magnificent vessel made of stone, the Hassan II Mosque gives life to a dream, the dream of a nation that proudly proclaims its faith in a spirit of openness and modernity. Its architecture takes its majestic inspiration from Arabic and Islamic traditions but boldly surpasses them. In size: it occupies an esplanade covering 2 hectares that can receive up to 80,000 faithful.

In technology: the cedar ceiling in the immense prayer room slides back and forth! In visibility: from the top of the 200 m high minaret, a laser beam indicates the direction of Mecca. It is also the only mosque in the country to be open to non-Muslims. You may thus visit the library, the medersa and the ablutions room. But remember to save some time to enjoy the hammam!

Tin Mal Mosque

Ancient Atlas Mosque

Located just off the dramatic Tizi ‘n’ Test road that traverses the High Atlas mountains between Marrakech and the plains of the Souss Valley to the south, ancient Tin Mal mosque was, until the early 1990’s, in quite a poor condition. However with funding from local Moroccan charities it has now been partially renovated. Unlike many mosques, this one is open for viewing to non-Muslim visitors.

The original mosque on the site dates back to the 12th century, when it was built by Ben Toumert, a Masmouda Berber, who founded a tribal movement to fight the Almoravids. The mosque, as seen today, was built by his successor, Abd el Moumen who went on to lead the movement for more than 30 years.

Tin Mal Mosque provides a rare chance to see inside what was once a magnificent mosque. Definitely worth a visit if travelling the Tizi ‘n’ Test road to or from Marrakech and Taroudant. The mosque stands above the small village of Tin Mal, approximately 100 km from Marrakech. The key to the mosque is held by a local guardian who also acts as local guide in return for a small tip.

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