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Travel to Safi – City of Waves and Pottery

Safi, the capital of the Doukkala-Abda region, is one of the most beautiful Moroccan cities located on the Atlantic coastline. The city is known for its pottery workshops that provide a wide range of engraved plates, hand-painted bowls and Moroccan ceramics in all shapes, colours and patterns.

Art lovers might be tempted to look at artisans making their pottery. Safi is also an important fishing port of the country, from where its fish make their way to numerous restaurants.

For almost a century at the end of the Middle Ages, Safi was under the control of the Portuguese.

During the Second World War, the town played an important role in the Anglo-American invasion of the French provinces in North Africa. It was one of the entry points for the invading troops.

While in Safi, you can visit the Dar el Bahar, a brick structure facing the seafront. A walk on the ramparts gives a great view of the sea and the port area. Also visit the Kechla, a massive Portuguese fortress which used to serve as a prison until 15 years ago; the Old City, and the Potters’ Quarter. There are also some beautiful beaches to see in the vicinity of the town.

Safi is the best destination for wave lovers. You can enjoy swimming and surfing from the city beach or from one of the beaches nearby. There are four different kinds of beaches in the town vicinity; Essaouira for swimmers, Lala Fatna for surfers, Walidia; a sheltered beach along a lagoon; and Cap Bedousa.

  • Meditate and let your thoughts undulate to the sound of Safi’s waves.
  • Discover unique pottery and Moroccan handicrafts.
  • Relax, sunbathe, and surf from fine Atlantic beaches.

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