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Travel to Meknes – Historical Imperial City

Meknes is one of the many delights the Kingdom of Morocco has to offer. It is one of Morocco’s most beautiful historical cities, protected by 25 kilometres of battlements and flanked by towers and bastions.

The city reflects the power and the constructive genius of King Moulay Ismail, a contemporary of Louis XIV, who ruled the country for 55 years. The Michlifen and Djebel Habri are two ski resorts above Meknes. The city also boasts a wonderful souk.

Meknes was established in the 11th century by Sultan Moulay Ismail, one of the first rulers of the Alaouite dynasty that governed Morocco. Moulay Ismail wanted to create a royal capital that would rival Versailles as a French princess refused his hand in marriage. He pressed 50,000 workers into service building a series of palaces, mile after mile of walls, battlements and ramparts, and a vast marketplace.

The city enjoyed a golden age as the imperial capital of the Moulay Ismail Sultanate. He left one of the most beautiful cities in Moorish-Arabic style in the world.

Attractions in Meknes

While in Meknes, you can enjoy visiting many monuments in the city itself and in its vicinity. Among them there is the Heri es Souani, the ancient granaries and vaults; Moulay Ishmail Mausoleum; Jamai Palace that exhibits the fascinating collection of the Museum of Moroccan Arts; Moulay Idriss Zerhoun, famous for its green rooftops offering one of the most picturesque views of Moroccan town life, and Volubilis, the most important Roman site in North Africa.

Meknes is possibly the best destination in Morocco for people who seek discovery of historical sites. The imperial city is an excellent place to set out on excursions into its regions, mainly Fes, the home of the oldest university of the country and the leading cultural and religious centre; Ifrane, also called ” the little Switzerland,” known for its ski resort ‘Michlifen” and winter sports; Volubulis , and Moulay Idriss Zerhoun.

Travellers can also enjoy playing golf at the Royal Golf Club of Meknes, located in the heart of the imperial city with a decoration of green tiled roofs and minarets in a plentiful garden of thousands of flowers, orange trees, olive-trees, plum trees, medlar trees and apricot trees.

Find your own quiet spot on the ancient city battlements and contemplate the rich history of this classic Imperial City.

  • Discover one of the world’s oldest Imperial Cities.
  • Head out to ancient VolubilisNorth Africa’s greatest Roman site.
  • Explore the many monuments and ancient sites that Meknes has to offer.

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