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El Sahrij Medersa

El Sahrij Medersa is the oldest Koranic school of Fès. Located next to the Andalusian Mosque, it was built in 1321, under the Merinid sultanate. Dominated by a distinctive green and white minaret, it is very richly decorated. Through an open door, you will catch sight of a floor covered with mosaics.

Its walls combine sculpted plaster, cedar wood and the “zelliges” characteristic of the other Koranic schools in the town. Its originality lies in that it is the only one to have a basin in the middle of its patio, hence its name. Very Andalusian in style, this basin subtly reminds us that the right bank of the Fès oued was colonised in 818 by hundreds of Muslims, chased out of Andalusia by the Christian armies.

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